The project

A bird is flying around the world. It flies from birdhouse to birdhouse.

You cannot see it, but you can hear it when it flies into one of them, moves about, tweets, sings, and then flies away again to the next birdhouse.

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The artist

Albert Raven is a Dutch artist/thinker, living in Berlin. Focussing on change and resistance to change, his work is about Time.

"I see the internet-of-things as an internet-without-people. Redefining dimensions, it's an experimental playground that allows for Time and Space to be messed with in a whole new manner."


January 2018 a Kickstarter campaign successfully funded the development of software, website and 15 new Birdhouses, bringing the total to 26 Birdhouses going live in August 2018.

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Your Birdhouse

Currently there are 60 Birdhouses around the world.
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